Sherie Fox Schmauder has written a series of diverse and captivating short stories (based on historical facts) about the women who lived and worked in Colorado’s mining camps….  Schmauder has done a wonderful job of showing us the world of women; the world behind the history book stories of mining camps. Well-worth reading, and would fuel an excellent readers’ group discussion. Contemporary local color literature at its best.

—Lea Wait, Author, Shadows Antique Print Mystery series

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Sherie Fox Schmauder’s recent contribution to the literary world is a little gem. She has successfully combined in a slim volume, entitled Colorado Mountain Women, two factors in that state’s history: its richness in ore and in lore….  [T]he author has combined fact and fiction to weave poignant examples of survival and the part played by women….  Colorado Mountain Women is a somber, thoughtful read.

—Alice Carroll, The Recorder Publishing Company, Stirling, NJ

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Compiling, collating, and combining collections of the stories from and of the women of Colorado’s mining camps, Sherie Fox Schmauder creates an interesting cross-section of characters. Writing in a wistful style, she paints portraits of hope and hopelessness, drear and delight, essentially the strength and survival of women in rough circumstances.

—Carol McDermott, San Juan Silver Star

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Sherie Fox Schmauder’s keen eye for historical detail seen throughout her fictional stories creates for the reader a mind’s-eye view of the lives and times of the women who were confronted with the harshest realities of living in the wilderness, especially in the mining camps that were often times long distances from the few towns available for supplies. Her treatment of the stories’ characters are gentle and compassionate, and acknowledges for them, and for all of the unheard-from real women her characters represent, the extraordinary circumstances, conditions and situations women were required to overcome if they ever hoped to survive.

—Bill Casey, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza